The Abraham Geiger College Library is an academic reference library with a focus on:

Hebrew Bible, Jewish Liturgy, Jewish liturgical music, Rabbinic literature, Jewish law, Jewish Theology and Philosophy, History of Liberal Judaism

The library is part of the network of Judaica libraries and its holdings are accessible through the conjoint search engine called Judaica-Portal Berlin-Brandenburg, with the help of the platform of the GBV (Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund) or the Online Public Access Catalogue. The latter could only be searched in Latin script, using romanization tables for Hebrew in German speaking countries – the so called DIN-Norm 31636.

After moving to the campus of the University of Potsdam the library holdings of the Abraham Geiger College are presented together with those ones of the University Library of Potsdam University – with one exception: Jewish Music. All music materials are kept at the premises of the Abraham Geiger College and are going to be provided upon request.

The entire collection can be used according to all rules and regulations of Potsdam University Library.

Susanne Marquardt, Librarian
0049 (0331) 977 159 800

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